Coin Holder Polling - Instructions

Coin Holder Polling - Instructions

Please note - Poll will close at exact block height 1410115.

Correction: The original post detailed instructions for ZecWallet Lite mobile application. We suggest using ZecWallet desktop only instead of the mobile application since desktop application allows you to use generate new t-addresses. This feature is not yet supported on mobile.

In this post, we outline instructions for participating in the upcoming coin-holder poll conducted by ECC. You can also refer to this instructional video: Coin Holder Poll Instructions - YouTube

These instructions are written specifically for the ZecWallet Lite desktop app. Instructions may be slightly different depending on the wallet you use. In order to participate in this poll, you will need a Zcash wallet that supports both t-addresses and z-addresses and ZEC. You need to use a T address to participate in the coin weighted poll.

Please be aware that this is an opinion poll that ECC will use among many kinds of user research to inform our roadmap planning. Additionally, participating in this poll reveals the amount, vote preferences, and t-addr used, so you must decide if revealing this information publicly is acceptable to you.

For the strongest privacy, we recommend using a new single-use t-addr for this purpose, and only funding that address from your pre-existing shielded ZEC storage, and then promptly shielding your funds after the poll will conclude around Friday, October 1st at 23:59 UTC at height 1410115. With this approach, you are minimizing on-chain linkage of that address, voting preference, and amount with any other history.

There are five main steps to participating in the coin holder poll. This poll will close at height 1410115 around Friday, October 1st at 23:59 UTC.


1.Determine your answer: The first step is to format your answer based on the three poll questions listed below. This is the answer you will include in the memo field in step 3. Answers must be submitted in this format in order to be counted.

  • Make your selections for each of the three questions.
  • Answer format should be Question Number, Option Letter, optional ‘other’ comment, followed by a semi-colon ‘;’ character. (Spaces are fine.)

Sample Answer: 1A; 2E Let’s make more Zcash Swag; 3Y

This answer indicates that scalability should be the first priority, Zcash Swag should be the second priority and yes, amendments should be made to ZIP 1014.

2. Prepping your T address: You want to prepare the T address you will use to participate in the poll. It is important that you follow these steps carefully so as not to lose funds. Ideally, you want to use a “fresh” T address, aka, a T address with no prior transaction history. This prevents transaction linkability. If you use ZecWallet Lite on desktop, you can create a new T address.

  • Open ZecWallet Lite on your mobile device. Wait for the wallet to completely sync.
  • Go to the Receive tab (bottom right corner), and switch to your T address.
  • Copy your T address.
  • Go to the Send tab (bottom left corner), and in the To: field, paste your T address. In the ZEC field, put 0.0001 ZEC. Hit send, then hit confirm.
  • Wait until that transaction has at least two confirmations.

3.Submitting your answer: ZecWallet Lite automatically empties out your T address every time you make a transaction on mobile. The reason you need to “prep” your T address is to get a small amount in that T address so that when you submit your poll answer, it leaves a record on-chain of your T address and your vote.

  1. Go to the Send tab (bottom left corner), and in the To: field, paste the poll address listed below. You can either copy the full address or scan the QR code.
  2. In the ZEC field, put 0.00001 ZEC. In the memo field include your answer.Hit send, then hit confirm. Do not send more than 0.00001 ZEC. CAUTION: DO NOT SEND MORE THAN THIS TINY AMOUNT TO THE POLL ADDRESS!
  3. Wait until that transaction has at least two confirmations.

Poll address: zs1j54w96sydd fnrh2ehx40lyy 7zej67z496nrq tg39r6jv00ks4 pjyt57xz59kzy 289c2rkdr6rhe

Poll QR:

4. Weighting your T address: Your vote will be weighted according to the balance in your T address at the cut-off height of 1410115. At this point, your T address should have 0 funds. Fund your T address based on how much you want your vote to be weighted.

  • Determine how much funds you want to send to your T address.
  • Go to the Receive tab (bottom right corner), and switch to your T address.
  • Copy your T address.
  • Go to the Send tab (bottom left corner), and in the To: field, paste your T address. In the ZEC field, put the amount of ZEC you want your vote weighted by. Hit send, then hit confirm.

5.After the poll concludes at block height 1410115 around Friday, October 1st at 23:59 UTC, send your funds back to your shielded address. With ZecWallet Lite on mobile, follow the process from step 1, but substitute your z-address in place of the t-address.

Note: Remember that in ZecWallet mobile, any time you send a transaction, it empties out your T address. This means that you won’t be able to use your ZecWallet mobile wallet until after the poll concludes at height 1410115, around October 1st. If you do use your ZecWallet mobile app, you will need to refill your T address with the amount of funds you want your vote weighted by.


Nate is working on a dashboard to tally submissions as they come in. That should be ready by early next week. Until then, you can use the view key and to see submissions to the poll address.

Poll Address View Key

Block Explorer

Nate will walk through the process for setting up a Coin Holder poll at the next Gardening Club, Tuesday October 5th. Register here.


  1. What should be the first priority for Zcash following the activation of NU5?
  • a. Improve Zcash’s scalability
  • b. Change in consensus mechanism from proof of work to another, such as proof of stake or a hybrid solution.
  • c. Programmability on Zcash
  • d. ZSAs (Zcash shielded assets)
  • e. Other (please specify)
  1. What should be the second priority for Zcash following the activation of NU5?
  • a. Improve Zcash’s scalability
  • b. Change in consensus mechanism from proof of work to another, such as proof of stake or a hybrid solution.
  • c. Programmability on Zcash
  • d. ZSAs (Zcash shielded assets)
  • e. Other (please specify)
  1. Do you support making amendments to ZIP 1014 based on recommendations of current committee members, specifically Chris Burniske’s suggestions?
  • Y
  • N

Thanks for the instructions.

This is waaaay too complicated though for the average user.

I’m not moving funds. Thanks. :expressionless:


(The capital ‘Z’ makes the VK invalid)

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Ah, good catch, I’ll fix that

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Thanks for pointing this out. Does it include shielded addresses too?


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It is really important to VOTE
Here is another method to vote using the terminal

Step 1/3
Working from a cloud instance:
1)Make a copy of a fully synced zcash node
2) Launch the copied full node to get a new local IP address associated with the node
3) login to the new full node, perform an upgrade: Zcash Full Node and CLI — Zcash Documentation 5.2.0 documentation
4) create a new taddress: zcash-cli getnewaddress
5) Export the PrivateKey for the new taddress: zcash-cli dumpprivkey “t-addr”
6) Send a small amount of zcash to the taddr

Step 2/3
1.0) Make your choice
1.1) 1c; 2b; 3Y;
2) Open a terminal and Generate Your Memo field text
2.1)Example: echo ‘PASTE YOUR ANSWERS HERE’ | xxd -ps -c 200 | tr -d ‘\n’
2.2)This is my answer in the terminal: echo ‘1c; 2b; 3Y;’ | xxd -ps -c 200 | tr -d ‘\n’
2.3) Equals: 31633b2032623b2033593b0a

step 3/3
3) Log into zcash in the terminal
3.1) Here is the command I used:
zcash-cli z_sendmany “t1fgbLkosx12LcxGd77yDy8zCdR8D53YiJK” ‘[{“address”: “zs1j54w96syddfnrh2ehx40lyy7zej67z496nrqtg39r6jv00ks4pjyt57xz59kzy289c2rkdr6rhe”, “memo”: “31633b2032623b2033593b0a”, “amount”: 0.00001}]’
3.2) Confirm Success:
zcash-cli z_getoperationresult ‘[“PASTE YOUR OPID HERE”]’

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I want to participate in this voting, but I don’t want to open my cold wallet (ledger)…

Thus, I will be sending some of my ZEC to another ZEC wallet for voting.


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Folks…. Seriously…. What normal person will follow directions like this?

If this is how to vote then the likelihood of capturing the true sentiment of the community through voting doesn’t seem realistic to me.

You’re only going to capture “the voice” of those who are technically capable of understanding all this coding and scripting jargon.

I’m not opposed to techies going through with the vote, but just keep in mind that’s what’s likely happening.


I agree with your opinion.

It’s not really complicated; it’s tedious. But it is very reasonable for people who have their ZEC tokens in their ledger to not want to move them onto an unsecured device.

Whenever we can leverage smart-contracts, the situation could be different. But for now it’s not like there are many ways to make a token holders pool.

Here’s my recommendation though: if you want to vote and are unsure about the safety of your computer, do not move funds onto it; use non-rooted Android or iOS and do not copy/paste your private key, type it manually.

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We might need a focus group with a diverse set of backgrounds— doctors, teachers, marketing folks, execs, etc etc— but just based on some of my non-techy circles… ahhh this is over most people’s heads.

Voting should have ~0 risk to your funds.
And it should be as easy as a Google form.

The Zcash tech has tradeoffs that may prohibit that kind of simple UX… or make it very challenging to simply the UX. But we can’t convince ourselves that this process is not complicated wrt the masses.

The results aren’t binding so I’m not getting too worked up about this… but the next vote might be binding… so just giving my critical feedback now.


If you can’t understand these basics steps, maybe you shouldn’t vote indeed. No big deal.

Also, what if my ZEC is in the Grayscale trust?

For these votes, is Grayscale (or a like custodian) voting as a single entity on behalf of all of their holders? Are they abstaining? Or is there some proxy vote for holders so that the underlying holders of the ZEC have their* voices heard?

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Not a big deal for this vote. But maybe for the next one :wink:

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You should ask Grayscale Barry Silbert if he planned to allow proxy voting… But I doubt he does.
But Zcash is p2p cash, these grayscale funds are financial instruments now.

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Hey, this procedure you described sounds like an additional privacy risk btw. The original post makes a strong claim that there is no on chain linkage, but this is only true if you start out with your funds in a shielded address.

The guidance also says at the end to return the funds to your shielded address, which is important.

What it sounds like you may be describing is a procedure where you start with ZEC in a ledger t-address, then vote, then send it back to your ledger t address when you’re done. This would likely leave an on chain record that would link your vote to your ledger t address, even if it passes through the shielded pool along the way, based on correlating transactions that shield/unshield the exact same amount of zec.

Also I’m just pointing this out since i think it’s not obvious, I’m not trying to discourage you from participating in this poll, i totally respect your freedom to make your own decisions and transact with the blockchain however you want. vivan sin permiso


This is cool, I wish i thought of this. It uses the sweeping behavior of zecwallet lite to ensure the transaction includes the t utxo as an input, even without specifically picking a “from” address


I guess I’m not voting… this process is way too complicated for me and I’m not moving coins off my cold wallet for it.

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Need help ?

No I can figure it out I’m just not going to commit 2-3 hours to set up a new wallet, transfer funds to it, and figure out the rest of this process.