Command line light wallets

zecwallet-light-cli replacements


Since zecwallet-light-cli seems defunct (because its repository is archived, and it seems to still use the old transaction fee of 0.00001 ZEC instead of the more recent 0.0001 ZEC, and there seems to be no way of changing that), what other command-line light wallets would you recommend?

Perhaps one of the GUI light wallets supports some form of RPC or CLI?

Instead of the CLI app, I could also use a Python library similar to web3.

I’m mostly looking for an unattended (programmatic) ability to

  • create new accounts (perhaps from a seed phrase),
  • import private spending or viewing keys,
  • track balance,
  • create, sign and broadcast transactions (both shielded and transparent).



Firstly, I’ll link Zingo cli which works great out of the box.

There are the Ywallet and ECC’s SDK libs which you could look at and they are command line accessible but they don’t have a cli wallet version. At least I don’t think.
The extent of functionality of the wallets wrt the requirements that you specify is something that you’ll have to read into more.