Community Call w/ New ZF Board Members Marta Belcher & J.W. Verret

Hello Zcash Community,

Next week on Wednesday April 5th at 1:30pm(CDT) we will be hosting a call with our two new ZF Board Members, J.W. Verret & Marta Belcher.

You can join the call using this Zoom link:

We are also putting out a call for questions from the community, so please post your questions for J.W. & Marta in the replies on this thread and we will aggregate them to ask during the call.


Marta Belcher - What’s the status of hierarchical consensus and why shouldn’t Zcash jump onboard and look into adopting a simplified version of it?

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Starting soon!

@decentralistdan was this recorded?

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Yes, I’ll link it here as soon as it’s up, it was really good :+1:


Are either Marta or J.W. on the forum? I’m interested to ask J.W. especially some more regulatory risk questions.

Here is a primer (from Grayscale per CoinDesk)