April 2, 2020 - weekly forum update

Here are your weekly Zcash updates:

  • ECC announces the Scientific Advisory Group to help guide the scientific evolution of the Zcash protocol. Initial SAG members include Arthur Breitman, Vitalik Buterin, Mary Maller, Zaki Manian and Gordon Mohr.
  • ECC recently published the Transparency Report for Q3 2020. ZF published their State of the Foundation 2020 report as well.
  • Zcash got another shoutout on the Tim Ferris podcast, this time from guest Balaji Srinivasan
  • Flyp.me enables shielded swaps for Zcash.
  • ICYMI - March Zeal call is up on Youtube. Special thanks to our guests Yan Zhu and Jay Graber for sharing their expertise with us.
  • ZF welcomes Marek Bielik, a new cryptography engineer.

Mark your calendars -

  • 4/6 - Gardening Club, Zcash’s monthly developer call. This month we have deep dive presentations from Zondax and Nighthawk.
  • 4/8 - Arborist Call, Zcash’s biweekly protocol discussion. Next week, discussions will continue around Unified Addresses and NU5.
  • 4/27 and 5/25 - We have great speakers lined up for the next two Zeal calls: Ashkan Soltani, Robin Berjon will discuss Global Privacy Control in April and Julia Angwin will discuss journalism holding big tech accountable in May. Read more here.

In the news,

Amazon forces drivers to agree to “biometric consent” form. Google Chrome’s privacy disclosures are raising eyebrows for all the wrong reasons. The MarkUp investigates how much data-brokers are spending on US lobbying practices.


“presentation from Zondax” :eyes::eyes::eyes: