Community sentiment collection: Poll on NU4 dev fund ZIPs!

3 days to go.

As i like predictions i will make a prediction on this one too, lol

Forum Poll:

Majority votes for “No Dev Fund” (Proposal 1) and Blocktowns 10% (Proposal 6). No sure which of these both will lead but i’am sure these are the top 2 proposals people will vote on the forum.

Community Advisory Panel:

Majority for “A Grand Compromise” (Proposal 10) and another 20% proposal, mostly 20% slit (proposal 4) followed by Blocktowns 10% proposal. Pretty sure that with a over 50% closely affilated people to the ECC and ZF and reduced Community Advisory Panel that the result will look like that.

Miner Signalling:

No results as there is no miner signaling possible.

Combined results:

As i got no information how the polling and results are later combined i can only guess that 1 vote is just 1 vote no matter where it’s given and i think it will be a head to head race btw. 3 proposals:

No dev fund (Proposal 1), Blocktowns 10% (Proposal 6) and 20% Grand Compromise (Proposal 10). If i had to bad i would set my bet on Blocktowns 10% to have the most votes combined, but we will see in 3 days anway :slight_smile: