Staked Poll on Zcash Dev Fund Debate

Let’s revisit the topic of stakeholder voting, now that several feedback mechanisms are under way for NU4. So far, we’re actively collecting inputs from a forum poll, a helios vote among the Community Advisory Panel, and even instructions to miners , all about approval voting over 13 zip proposals about a dev fund. Unfortunately so far, there’s been no instructions about how to vote if you’re a coinholder.

The good news is: the stakeholder polling mechanism initiated in this thread can be still be used to vote in the ongoing Q32019 community sentiment collection.

The instructions are simple enough:
To vote for NU4 dev fund proposals, put your stake in a t-address, and send a memo from that t-address to the stake polling address:

Encoding your vote: Follow the same convention as in the instructions to miners.
For each of the 13 proposals, give the number followed by the vote, Y/N/A (Yes/No/Abstain).
An example encoding is:
which would be interpreted as "1 Yes, 2 Yes, 3 No, …7 Abstain,… 13 Yes’. So it’s approval voting on the 13 proposals.

Keep your coins in the same t-address. Your vote is weighted based on the amount of ZEC held in the t-address at the time we declare a cut-off time and count the votes. This can be fiddly, since by default Zecwallet sends change away from your original t-address and back to some different change address. If this happens, you can just send the balance back again to your original t-address.

Checking up on the votes: The original post includes an incoming view key, so that anyone running the viewing-key development branch of zcashd can follow along with the memos that have been sent.
I’m also providing a best-effort view of the current voting memos and current t-balances.

Privacy / unshielding concerns. Ideally this would be secret ballot, but the need to use t-addresses makes this tricky. If you just use an existing t-address, you should expect that your vote will be publicly linked to that t-address. If you are using a shielded address and want to participate, this is at your own risk, since it’s generally recommended for privacy your keep coins in the unshielded address. You could send ZEC from a z-address to a t-address, unshielding them just to vote, and send them back after the polling period ends.