Could not find previous JoinSplit anchor

I’ve been trying to send Z to T address but I fail. I’ve read everything in the forum and could not fix my problem.
Here is what I get from z_getoperationstatus

“id”: “opid”,
“status”: “failed”,
“creation_time”: 15783453,
“error”: {
“code”: -4,
“message”: “Could not find previous JoinSplit anchor”
“method”: “z_sendmany”,
“params”: {
“fromaddress”: “z”,
“amounts”: [
“address”: “t”,
“amount”: 1
“minconf”: 1,
“fee”: 0.0001

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@jumparo, what does the log show when you do that, with debugging enabled (zcashd -debug)?

In any case, I suggest opening a new GitHub issue, with the additional information mentioned in that template.

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