🦸‍♀️ Cypherpunk Zero NFT Megathread

As all of you in this thread are aware, Cypherpunk Zero NFTs have been (and may continue to be) stolen due to a security vulnerability in the smart contract ECC used to deploy the assets.

We learned about this on Dec. 5, but unfortunately, we’ve been unable to locate the smart contract owners keys which means we’ve been unable to mitigate. The wallet seems to have been lost during or since ECC’s restructure. We are frustrated and heartbroken as many of you are.

ECC has a snapshot of all the wallets that held Cypherpunk Zero NFTs on Dec. 5, and we are working with the ZecHub team and the Decentralizing Zcash Digital Task Force to determine next steps. We’re also happy to take ideas from the community, as we consider our course of action. :pray:

We will come back to you with news when we sort out a plan. Until then, onward.