ECC Update - May, 2022

Hey everyone! Here’s ECC’s forum update for the month of May. If there’s any questions/comments, drop a comment or tag me in the Zcash Community Discord @januszgrze#6095.

ECC updates


  • NU5 :slight_smile:


  • NU5 Support throughout mainnet activation
  • Completed DSO OKR Planning
  • Preparing for Tekton upgrade deployment


  • Secant Wallet iOS Build 0.0.1-27
    • [#222] Tests for the initialisation check and process (#334)
    • [#312] WrappedNumberFormatter (#336)
    • [#323] Unit/Integration tests for Home (#335)
    • [#329] Update wallet to use Zatoshi type (#333)
    • [#272] Decimals and Zatoshi type (#330)
  • iOS:
    • SDK:
      • [#382] ZIP 302-compliant memo type (#385)
      • [#388] Integrate libzcashlc 0.0.3 to support v5 transaction parsing (#390)
      • [#383] Fix Darksidewalletd tests failing to retrieve a checkpoint (#386)
      • ECC Reference Wallet Support for NU5 v5 transactions
  • Cross Platform: Worked w/ Nighthawk Apps on NU5 readiness.
  • Android:
    • Wallet:
      • QR code scanning of wallet addresses
      • Crash reporting with privacy preservation
      • 30% faster CI test times and testing on multiple Android versions
      • Automated screenshots of the app are generated on CI and attached to build results, enabling human review.
    • SDK:
      • Basic NU5 support
      • Significant stability bug fixes

I also wanted to include some relevant Zcash ecosystem updates:

  • Coinbase is working through a withdrawal problem on the retail side.
    • This appears to be related to ZIP 239 wtxid support.
  • ZecWallet Lite mobile continuously resyncs in some cases
    • Issues have been reported: zecwallet-mobile #76, #77, and #79
  • Edge is in process of upgrading to the latest mobile SDKs and Unstoppable should have a release available in a few days.
  • The major block explorers are all working except for the display of Orchard-specific information for a transaction.
    • [get|decode]rawtransaction is being updated in zcashd v5.0.1.

As mentioned, let me know if you have any questions. Also, hope to see some friendly faces in Austin at Consensus this week :slight_smile: