July 14, 2022 - ECC Forum Update

Hey everyone! This a delayed forum update for the month of June. If there’s any questions/comments, feel free to shoot me a dm on Twitter.

ECC updates

The following updates are from 6/20/2022. Updates for the rest of June will be included in the next forum update.


  • Integrated cxx.rs into the build system
    • Replaces the hand-wired FFI between the Rust and C++ components with an encapsulated interop layer
  • Updated zcash_address to enable parser errors to be exposed
  • Integrated cargo-vet into the build system to establish trust in Rust dependencies
  • Making progress on the recursion-related APIs in Halo
  • Working on a substantial update to our CI system to improve reliability and build / test times
  • 0xPARC Halo 2 Learning Group
    • 4-week learning group by 0xPARC (applied zk collective, mostly on Ethereum)
    • Goals:
      • introduce halo2 to a wider audience
      • understand users’ needs and feature requests
      • see some cool uses of halo2 in the wild!
    • program outline:
      • intro to PLONKish / halo2
      • AMA / Office Hours with daira / str4d :slight_smile:
      • guest speakers from DarkFi, Orbis, zkEVM
      • participant lightning talks and projects
    • participants comprise a community of expert researchers / developers


  • Finalizing Tekton upgrade - internal ECC announcement to follow
    • Improved scaling, security and stability improvements
  • Grafana Tools Update
  • iOS Auditing
  • Continuing development of a Rust-based Seeder


  • Secant Wallet iOS Build 0.0.1-29
    • Snapshot testing in place and automated for everyscreen
    • Navigation Routing and support for Deeplinks
  • SDK:
    • [#382] ZIP-302 compliant memo type (#385) (in review)
    • [#381] Zatoshi and number formatting to the SDK (in progress
  • iOS:
    • SDK:
      • [#382] ZIP 302-compliant memo type (#385)
      • [#388] Integrate libzcashlc 0.0.3 to support v5 transaction parsing (#390)
      • [#383] Fix Darksidewalletd tests failing to retrieve a checkpoint (#386)
      • ECC Reference Wallet Support for NU5 v5 transactions
  • Android:
    • Wallet:
      • Automated deployment to Google Play internal testing track on each merge to main branch
      • CI to generate debug builds and documentation for sideloading
      • Adopted Compose 1.2 API changes
      • Major stability and bug fixes to prevent multiple clicks in the UI
      • Automated screenshots in light/dark mode and pseudolocales
    • SDK:
      • Automated publishing for SDK and BIP-39 project
      • NU5 bug fixes
      • “Included builds” for SDK and BIP-39 effectively allows Wallet to build entirely from source

My apologies for the late post here. I took PTO from July 1-8, and have just got caught up with everything. I appreciate everyone’s patience :slight_smile: