December 1, 2017 - Dev update

Thanks for your patience while most of us took a couple of days off last week to spend time with family for Thanksgiving.

Last Monday, we announced our v1.0.13 release. This versions includes a lot of great improvements such as streamed proving for reducing the memory load in transactions involving shielded addresses and an experimental feature to test selective disclosure.

We’ve already been putting a good amount of work into 1.0.14 which is currently slated to be released on the first day of 2018 but that’s likely to be adjusted due to conflicting holidays. The experimental feature for payment offloading, for example, was pushed out of 1.0.13 so it’s already well on it’s way to acceptance in the next release.

Network upgrade 0 (NU0)
Since the last update, we’ve had two engineering meetings focused on NU0 (formerly known as HF0) and will be releasing a concrete roadmap in the very near future. For those who’ve been reading these updates all year, you may remember that our goal for NU0 is to make future network upgrades (such as Sapling) simpler and safer like replay protection, activation logic user experience and transaction expiry. We are keeping track of these issues in the associated project.

Part of NU0 decisions were focused on whether we include non-malleability fixes but decided to leave those for a future upgrade since it is not within the scope of making future upgrades simpler and safer.

We’re improving on a draft of UX guidelines for wallet creators which is more general to cryptocurrencies. Our goal is to release more specific documentation of UX standards for specific aspects of Zcash such as handling network upgrades and distinguishing between transactions with shielded or transparent addresses.

We announced both our recent hires and new engineering openings.

We’re also hosting our end of the year AMA next Friday. So bring your questions about payment disclosure, Sapling, NU0 or whatever else you may be wondering about.