September 29, 2017 - Dev update

This is going to be a short update since most of the engineering work done this week had to do with the RC and official release. Also, happy Crypto is Currency day!

While a few days past due, we released 1.0.12 this week and as always encourage all nodes to upgrade.

We’ve already started with the planning of 1.0.13 and are really excited about it. One goal is to introduce some of the experimental features we’d placed on the backburner for the past several months while we were staying hyperfocused on security, stability and performance improvements. Of course security, stability and performance are always top priority so we plan to continue that work in every release but we’re also very excited to introduce improved functionality within the client. Payment disclosure and payment offloading are the two big ones we’re hoping to include.

1.0.9 nodes
A final reminder for nodes still at 1.0.9: we’ve officially passed the deprecation block trigger for this version. If you’re still running a node on v1.0.9, it will auto shutdown unless you opt-out or upgrade to a more recent version. For more information about this, check out our release cycle update blog post from last week.


Can you please explain what payment disclosure and payment offloading is for Zcash?

I see Low Memory Proving for 1.0.13 update!!! Super stoked for this :grin:

During the testnet phase, generating new private z_addresses also provided viewing keys along with payment addresses - so viewing keys may be soon reintroduced. Payment offloading involves (hopefully) secure ways for a remote service to handle the computationally intensive private Zcash transactions for under-powered devices.

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Thank you! 20characte