December 4, 2020 - weekly forum update


Here are the updates from this week.

Mark your calendars,

  • Mon, 12/7 - ECC’s CTO, Nathan Wilcox will be on a panel, “Digital Privacy in Crypto’’ during LaBITconf with Rocelo Lopez (Trust Wallet) and Claudia Diaz (Privacy Expert). The panel is moderated by Alena Vranova. The panel will take place at 15:05 ART.
  • Tues, 12/15 - ECC Q4 AMA Livestream, we’ll have reps from all of ECC’s teams: Core, Wallet, Engineering, Regulatory, Marketing and Leadership. Submit questions here. Set a reminder here.

Community Shout Outs - Special shoutout to @garethtdavies! Gareth generates our RPC doc every release. Shoutout to Herou for a community submitted PR in review #187 on the Android SDK repo.


  • Updated zcash testnet seeder to Debian 10.


  • PR submitted to Arkworks for Pasta curves. Artworks is an ecosystem for developing and programming with zkSNARKs. This will help for broader adoption of Pallas and Vesta.
  • Cut PR merge time from 80 mins to 50 mins.
  • Progress on Halo 2 include API and crate structure updates to make it easier to understand internal structure of Halo 2 implementation.


  • Infrastructure improvements.
  • PIR PoC work published internally.
  • Researching mixnets.


  • Made great progress on the Data Access API. Syncing, send, receive are functional in the demo apps.
  • Block explorer changes (now pointing to blockchair instead of
  • Bugs resolved on iOS (#213 leading 0, #220 long press delete, #216 copy address confirmation, #218 reply-to copy).
  • Started on user testing to determine baseline time to acquire ZEC.