January 29, 2021 - weekly forum update

What a time to be alive! @cryptoserrano said it best, “2021 could not write a better script for decentralization.” This week, we also celebrated Data Privacy Day.

Here are your weekly Zcash updates:

Mark your calendars -

  • Tues, Feb 9: Gardening Club, Halo + Wallets discussion plus Grants Q&A from ZOMG
  • Thurs, Feb 11: Arborist Call, NU5 feature discussion
  • Tues, Feb 23: Zeal Call, special guests from Blockchain Association.

Community Shout Outs - Shout out to @herou for his contributions this sprint in the wallet SDKs. Shout out to the Nighthawk and the Unstoppable teams. Shout out to @elliotblanchard for the zdash metrics board. Shout out to Michael Harms for CRUSHIN’ IT on ZECpages. Check out the new features and spin up your own board.

DevInfra -

  • Upskilling on Tekton
  • Connecting Github → Tekton → Travis for Apple related CI, first platform will be iOS
  • Base full build and test suite of zcashd complete on Tekton.

Core -


  • ZIP 314 continues
  • Kestrel close to unblocked (thank you Str4d!)
  • Mobile project responsible disclosure agreement organized and merged
  • Added requirements to ZIP 224 PRD.

Wallet -

  • Two more merged PRs from @herou, amazing community contributions!
  • Data Access API is merged; the next ECC builds will have it baked in
  • Nighthawk team filed a PR back to the SDK to add ktlint, a code linter for Kotlin.

That’s all y’all. Have a great weekend! :cowboy_hat_face:


Following this link, I’m see just a zero-content placeholder ZIP template. What am I missing? What’s planned?

(See also the nicely-rendered latest version of these Pollard/Orchard requirements.)

Excellent! This is really helpful for facilitating some parts of the discussion.

Edit: Specific discussion moved to a separate post.