Decentralizing Zcash Digital


ECC is accepting applications for a community task force to foster more-decentralized ownership of Zcash-focused digital properties and assets. The deadline for applications is September 15.


Electric Coin Co. (ECC) is kicking off a process that seeks to reimagine ownership and management of Zcash-focused digital properties, i.e., the website, the Zcash technical documentation hub, the Zcash Twitter account, and the Cypherpunk Zero site and assets.

While ECC has historically maintained these sites and assets, we hope that, together with the larger Zcash community, we can build and enact a model of communal ownership and increased collaboration — with a greater diversity of contributors and a more representative voice for Zcashers everywhere.

We wrote a blog about it here and held a workshop at Zcon4 (video not available — long story).

The first step in this process is the formation of a community task force. From the blog mentioned above:

Phase 1 (Aug-Oct 2023)

Establish a transition task force composed of ECC representatives and qualified community members.

Beginning with a formal community application process, ECC will create a transition task force to contribute ideas and guide and oversee the transition. The task force should be comprised of representatives from ECC and up to three key members of the Zcash community. This group of unpaid volunteers will be responsible for prioritizing projects, developing the transition plans, engaging with the community, doing due diligence on trademark and legal implications, and ensuring a smooth and orderly transfer of responsibilities as appropriate. The task force should reflect the diversity of the Zcash community, ensuring that a broad range of perspectives, geographies, and expertise are represented, if feasible.

Task force representatives will be asked to:

  1. Develop criteria for evaluating shared-ownership models.
  2. Communicate ideas and proposals, and facilitate open dialogue and exchange of ideas.
  3. Select the most suitable ownership models and owners, with community input, aligned to community values, goals, and long-term vision.
  4. Develop a clear roadmap outlining expectations and responsibilities for new structures, including transition milestones, such as the handover or opening up of technical infrastructure and the establishment of new governance mechanisms.

Once the transition process is complete, the task force should formally conclude its work, acknowledging the successful transfer of responsibilities and assets to the new co-owner(s). Following this, a post-transition review may be conducted to assess the overall success of the process, identify lessons learned, and document insights for future reference. This review could provide valuable feedback for both ECC and the new co-owner(s), helping to inform future decentralization initiatives and ensure the ongoing resilience of the Zcash project.

Selecting task force members

The structures and processes of shared ownership are likely to be at least somewhat complex, and getting them set up properly is crucial, so we’re looking for candidates that have relevant experience in blockchain technology, digital marketing, web development, content strategy, or community management, with a demonstrated understanding of the Zcash ecosystem and privacy-focused blockchains.

Applicants should showcase a strong commitment to the Zcash community and its future growth, plus the ability to work effectively in a collaborative, multi-disciplinary environment. Strong written and verbal communication skills will be key for fostering transparency, progress, and outcomes.

If all of that describes you, please apply!

Time commitment

Applicants should be able to dedicate a sufficient amount of time (~5 hrs per week during October and November) to the task force’s activities, including meetings, research, and communications.

Application and selection

  1. Open call for applications: Interested candidates should complete this form by Sept. 15.
  2. Application review: An ECC team will score applications by Sept. 22 and shortlist qualified candidates for interviews.
  3. Conduct interviews: Interviews will take place during the week of Sept. 25. We’ll ask candidates about their motivation, vision for Zcash, and relevant experience.
  4. Final selection: During the first week of October, ECC will select and inform the community about whom has been chosen as representatives for the transition task force.


This whole endeavor won’t be easy, but the proposed process is in place to ensure a fair and merit-based selection process, encourage community engagement and representation, and foster the selection of qualified and diverse candidates.

I have unanswered questions of my own, and I’m interested in hearing from you!


Watch the video presentation by @adjychris on this proposal: Decentralizing Zcash Digital


Thanks for the opportunity! I have applied and encourage others who care about Zcash to do the same.


I have filled the form but never received any confirmation of anything once I have pressed the submit button. Hopefully it went through.

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I don’t believe it came through. You should get a confirmation message after you submit. Let me know if you continue to have this issue. We can figure out another way, if necessary.


i equally submitted but did not get any confirmation email

I got your application. :slight_smile: You won’t receive an email confirmation, you should just see a message in your browser after you submit.

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Following up. We have received 13 applications and will be reaching out to candidates this week. Thank you all! :pray: :pray: :pray: