Dev Fund 2024: Community Poll & Discussion Megathread

Dev Fund 2024: Town Hall Meeting #2 on Twitter Spaces

@decentralistdan and I are hosting a second Twitter Spaces event on Tuesday, July 11 at 12:00pm PDT / 3:00pm EDT / 19:00 UTC to discuss Dev Fund 2024. Here is the link to set a reminder for the event. We will plan on recording the event for those who are unable to attend live. Community members are welcome to join to listen in, ask questions, and contribute thoughts and ideas. We’ve invited the following participants:

Co-Host: @aquietinvestor
Co-Host & Moderator: @decentralistdan
ECC: @nathan-at-least
ZF: @amiller
ZCG: @ambimorph
Community member (support): @januszgrze
Community member (oppose): @hloo of the Ycash Foundation