Dev fund in 2024

I know its too early for this discussion. Starting a thread to see if there should be dev fund for Zcash post second halving. IMO, the ideal scenario is future ZEC flow in USD terms until second halving grows significantly in value so ZF, ECC, ZOMG can run & support Zcash.

What piece of technology is being built & will be built by second halving for Zcash?

My view of current zcash roadmap:
2021: HALO 2, Zebrad, Shielded multisig, zaddr ledger hardware wallet
2022: Mixnet, network privacy, scalability
What else?
2023: ???
2024: ???

Tech roadmap is missing. Put your thoughts & strategies out, it will let others throw support or oppose the direction. Significant updates need to be done during 2021-2024. In either scenario, it doesn’t make sense to extend dev fund (if roadmap is executed successfully then why extend? this should bring more users, so increase in reserves as ZEC goes up. if roadmap is not executed completely, ZEC goes up enough then the reserves can be used to complete the roadmap. If roadmap is not executed completely, zcash metrics don’t improve at all, then it proves significant dev fund doesn’t help zcash, so no need for extensions, dev can be donation based at that point to execute on important stuff).


2021: tx involving t-addr costs at least 1 milliZEC in fees
2022: tx involving t-addr costs at least 2 milliZEC in fees
2023: tx involving t-addr costs at least 3 milliZEC in fees
2024: tx involving t-addr costs at least 4 milliZEC in fees

By 2025, majority of txs is z2z (assuming wallets show fees in $)

Or would an exponentially increasing fee be more convincing (capped at 100 milliZEC) ?

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It is kind of early but not too much so, I haven’t really considered details heavily yet at all

This is not roadmap which requires a devfund

I didn’t suggest that as the roadmap, but as additional items to add to the roadmap.

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After zaddress is default and taddress removed later to be focused more on scaling the blockchain increasing the tps massively increasing future adoption…
Privacy by default :heavy_check_mark:
Zaddress on Trezor :heavy_check_mark:
Interoperability :heavy_check_mark:
Oracles :heavy_check_mark:
Zcash Stable coin :heavy_check_mark:
Zaddress wallet for desktop :heavy_check_mark:
Proof of stake :heavy_check_mark:


no more mandatory donations.
no proof of stake.
zcash as a service. (like SAS)
zec working. :slight_smile:

Teams capable and willing to forward zcash and zec through their own verticals

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