Dev fund proposals & sentiments

Super Quick Summary: I request advocates for proposals post each proposal as a separate individual post in the Community Collaboration → Protocol category, including dev funding proposals and/or governance proposals.

Main Post:

Hello. I just read the initial post and skimmed everything in this thread just now. Thanks, @paige!

For these kind of proposals to succeed, we’ll need two parts:

  1. A known set of clear proposals,
  2. A legitimate decision making process.

For 1, what would help me (and I suspect others) would be to have a specific place online for each proposal, so that I can make sure I’m talking about a specific proposal when discussing it with others. As it currently stands the proposals are mixed into replies in The future of Zcash in the year 2020 and then some of those may have been further refined in later comments. This makes it difficult to know what the current best version of each proposal is.

So I request that proposals authors each make a separate post on this forum in the Community Collaboration → Protocol category. Please come up with a descriptive title for the proposal, and begin the title with “Dev Fund Proposal” to distinguish them from other non-funding proposals. For example “Dev Fund Proposal based on transaction fees”.

Don’t worry about what a “ZIP” is or any of that process if you want to make a proposal. The community can help move proposals with support through the formal ZIP process later. Making a simple post is the first step. :wink:

Then, each proposal will have it’s own URL. Authors can edit their original post to refine the proposal. If they do that I strongly recommend documenting the changes with editorial notes at the end, for example: “Edit #4: I changed the percentages based on the discussion below.”

Discussions in each of those proposal posts can be focused primarily on that proposal, and link to alternative proposals. If someone suggests a change that the author doesn’t incorporate, then it’s always possible to create a new proposal in a new post.

As for 2, the decision process, that is a separate and hugely important topic. Again, if people want to propose a specific decision making process, I advocate creating a post in the same Community Collaboration → Protocol category, and use a unique title which begins with “Decision Making Proposal”.

Thanks for all of your participation!

ps: ECC hasn’t announced any stance on this topic on the Forum. We will announce a position on this topic at the third day of Zcon1 in Zooko’s presentation. It will be livestreamed, and we’ll post the link to the forum.

Edit #1: I clarified why posting each proposal as a standalone thread and then editing it in-place will be easier for me to understand all of the proposals compared to the current discussion-thread approach.

Edit #2: I added the super quick summary, since I know as a reader I often just read the abstract/first paragraph. :wink: