Difficulty Rising


an any % attack? :smiley: I don’t know, maybe one of bitmain farm is burning down?


Difficulty has plateaued, perhaps due to the Chinese “Golden Week” National Holiday which was held from October 1st-7th this year. The data seems to support this as September 30th was the highest average daily difficulty on record at 37.58M. Since then the daily average has bounced around between 31.32M and 36.65M, which further suggests that no new ASIC shipments occurred during the first week of October. If shipments resumed following the holiday, then the trend of rising difficulty will probably continue by next week. Bitmain appears to be sold out of the Z9’s and Z9 mini’s, although for how long is anyone’s guess.


yeah, nice time came, we have to guess, will hashrate double in next week or not.

hashrate graph just shows increase in how chineese empty zcash coin.

price of the asset will have to go down.

hashrate manipulation for sure is going on.

P.s. I remember how cute bitmain was when they needed to sell more s9. I remember diff even go down a bit. You, Zcash miner, just hope and watch.


I believe the difficulty will over 50M in next week…
it go over 50M and then suddenly drop down to 30M this week… They are testing new miner probably…
to invest in new miner, direct buy ZEC should be more cost effective…


share your data, because I can’t see any drop since 2016. Bitcoin hashrate since s9 has been climbing non stop.

how long have you’ve been in the crypto space?

3GSol next week for testing?
Why would they test machines that they wish to sell?


I didn’t make any research these days about the other equihash coins and their hashrate, but 1 of my Z9 minis is set to auto-multi-mine so i automatily see which coin is the most profitable ones. The last 2 days this one stays nearly all the time on ZEN and i think this is the most logical explaination why the ZEC difficulty didn’t raise more these days.


how long am i in crypto space? srsly? trolling like this?

as for BTC DIFF. so it was climbing non stop? how smart you think you are if you can not find diff drop on 6m charts on coinwarz? (July 2018. Diff went 5.363M to 5.178M which was for sure manipulation, because next step diff went from 5.178M to almost 6M destroying all hopes of people who bought asics considering “diff just can not grow no more”).

when you allow asic manufacturer in. they start studying the network, trying to control the most of it. it is natural for them. just as it was natural for zcash team to spot this. but those days are over, sad for me. you can laugh though.


write “btc flood china” in google and tell me when that happend…
And < 4% hashrate is just ridicoulous calling it manipulation…Not only there are many sha256 minable coins, but also btc and bch have difficulty adjusted every 2 weeks, flactuation is more that regular.

Trolling? Your the one dodging a simple question and making a big story out of it.


<4% hashrate manipulation that moment ment a lot for a lot of people, some of them were my friends, believe it or not.


It wasn’t manipulation, it was the flood in china.

nice (:


ok, nice, im happy that you found that spot on the graph (which was growing all the way).
there was other floods prior to 6m period reflected on coinwarz.


Talking about ROI, and supposing many of you write from US, may I know how much does it cost, including everything (shipping, duty and whatever), 1 Z9 Mini, 1 Z9 and 1 A9? What’s considered a good Kwh price? And how long does it take to the miner to be put in production since the moment of the order/payment?

Thank you


looking at zcash network hashrate, seems that someone just put target at around 2.15 GH\s.
for diff not to go past 50M at any circumstances.

humble opinion.


In the past i was pretty sure batch 2 will ROI, but as of today i’am not that sure anymore to be honest …


Because of the roadmap?
Zen decided on their own to maintain equihash for the community
Whether they adjust now is unknown, assuming they’re completely independent of Zcash I think they’ll just absorb it


I have a feeling some more coins will fork soon on equihash increasing the pressure on the equihash algo asics difficulty. This and continously new batches and eventually better more efficient miners will make it hard foreven batch 2 Antminers to ROI in my opinion.

IF ZEN adjusts the equihash parameters it would be worst case of course as a good portion of the asic hashpower is used on ZEN, but even some smaller coins like HUSH that will go with Kommodo notarize will influence more or less.


if the price stays like that I will ROI in about 2 years LOL


ok, we are closer to the rip right now. 55 diff


seems that 60-70 will be in week or two.


from where or what do you deduce that?