Disappointed with wallet experiences lately

I did not refuse integration. I just don’t want to do it myself. They are free to do the work. The code is on GitHub.
Come on, the wallet is already free and received no funding. You also expect me to integrate in other apps?
And why isn’t this ever mentioned for blazesync?


They did not expect you to do it for free. They didn’t ask you to work on other apps either, but to integrate your improvement to librustzcash which can be used by other apps in the ecosystem.

I’m not criticizing your decision to take an offer or not, it is up to you what do you want to work on. Just that collaboration is a two-way road.

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Well, let me say that I find this a strange kind of collaboration. I think I’d be better off not having developed it.

Again, I ask: why don’t they request Blazesync integration?

Anyway, I make an app for free but because I don’t want to integrate it, other users should be penalized. I honestly don’t get it. It’s the ECC/ZF mission to promote the best zcash experience.


I don’t know. I’m not in the ZCG and I don’t work for ECC or ZF.

Have you thought that maybe they have no experience with Ywallet and don’t want to promote something they have never used? Have you tried reaching out to them (ECC or ZF)?

Well, shouldn’t they try it? If I was making a coin, I’d try everything that contributes to its ecosystem.

Many users of Ywallet (back when it was Zwallet) have reached out. I have personally reached out to zookoo. They know about it for sure.

Btw, integration into librustzcash is pretty hard and very tedious. Just not my cup of tea.


Back to the topic, I think more than ever we need OMR integration into lightwalletd. We don’t want user phones to keep trial-decrypting spam transactions in the future.

cc @thomaslzy :saluting_face:


I was wondering if these issues are really related to the wallet itself, or to lightwalletd.

I don’t understand why Ywallet doesn’t get more love from official channels. It is well battle tested at this point.

What does it take to get it listed on the z.cash website?


Have you considered a forked rebrand to focus on the Zcash name, in addition to having the Ywallet? Seems like an opportunity.

EDIT: Just watched the demo video. Looks like you could use a designer (paging @Ziga), but overall pretty cool that you embed private messaging into it as well.


@tokidoki @pkr
I think you guys misunderstand me. I’m not looking to popularize Ywallet. I don’t really mind if it has 1 or 1000 users. It is not a wallet I made for profit.

I thought that if it was listed on z.cash, new users would have an easier time finding it. “They” don’t want to. I am not going to pursue the matter further.

But right now, I think it is fair to say that there are issues with other wallets: missing transactions, slowness, etc. I am surprised “they” still don’t want to mention Ywallet.

If my house was on fire, I wouldn’t care who the fireman was and what kind of truck he was driving.


I forgot where the exact discussion on this but there was some response in this forum from ECC folks, who manages z.cash, that they would add Zwallet (at the time) after they can get someone to review it. This was during NU5 which got delayed a few times so I guess they didn’t have bandwidth for review.

Maybe work together with @earthrise and get Y/Zwallet reviewed?

@earthrise did a cursory review… That’s more than what was done for the other wallets.


Its futile to try get ECC to list Ywallet on z.cash. They dont want to. (I am not fooled by their ‘We need to audit it first’ spin) Lets move on from this topic.

As a community we can point new users to the most reliable wallet. I would like to see Ywallet audited, but I dont care if its listed on z.cash or not. Ywallet is undoubtedly the best wallet in the Zcash eco-system. I dont care if ECC or ZF recognizes it or not. I will keep on using the best tool for the job. Right now its Ywallet. (although, it can do with a better UI, but i am not complaining)

If an audit is required I would like to see the results of the audits for the other wallets that are listed.

if an audit is not required I would like to know the reason why Ywallet is shadow banned.


Well - Being listed is a different topic. I hear even zebra isn’t listed, so … ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I was simply following up on the OP topic:

There is a wallet that has faster syncing and is more stable, but it is not mentioned anywhere. It seems that even some senior forum members don’t know about its existence.

Therefore I am disappointed that our users don’t get the best experience available, all because of miscommunication.

I have seen many disgruntled users do a 180 after trying YWallet. I think the zcash ecosystem is in better shape than the OP thinks. But I feel that new users aren’t properly informed about what is out there. And I am certain we have lost many users over this.


PS: YWallet

  • was compatible with NU-5 one week before activation,
  • didn’t fail to send messages (specially during the NFT offer)
  • has the fastest sync



Hey @hanh I appreciate your enthusiasm for supporting the Zcash ecosystem based on the bullet points you outlined above and also recognize that you mentioned that Taylor did a cursory review of Ywallet. I tagged you in his thread to see if you are interested in further collaboration with Taylor for Ywallet and other aspects of security in this ecosystem. I hope you could chime in there with your support.

P.S. - Speaking for myself - I would love to support a grant application, from you, to help integrate warpsync upstream to benefit the broader ecosystem if you are willing to collaborate more with the community. I have not used ywallet myself but my current wallet has met my needs and I’ve had no reason to switch. Just an observation I’ll probably regret calling out but it exists… some may be concerned about the Ycash-first orientation of Ywallet and how it may be antithetical to advertise on the z.cash website. My point of view is that Ycash is a friendly fork though and arguably (based on the feedback of countless users) has significantly supported the Zcash ecosystem. So who cares if it’s not on z.cash. You’re succeeding by word of mouth reputation, providing fresh benchmarks for the current wallet makers to outperform, and bringing fresh ideas to the community. Thank you and I hope to see more Zcash community collaboration from you in the future. :heart:


Ywallet is great. The interface is nice and I love that it supports multiple seeds.


@ambimorph Thanks

@wobbzz I will fix any security issues obviously.

Thanks but my disappointment is not about Ywallet being absent from the z.cash website.

My post was about the zcash ecosystem/community “failing” to inform its current and potential users of what it has. We got to a point where it seems OK to ignore contributions because they involve other projects (Ycash, Monero).

At the end of the day, we are just hurting the zcash adoption. People have already been turned away by the user experience. If you are on telegram/discord/forum, you would know very well some users are very unhappy about the “official” wallets.

As a community, we shouldn’t rely entirely on the ECC to promote zcash. The absence of Ywallet on their website is a letdown but it doesn’t prevent the community from spreading the word in other ways.

I suggest the community leaders, senior members of the forum, and really everyone, get more involved with the ecosystem and go try out wallets, apps, websites, etc.

FYI, YWallet is a multi-currency privacy wallet. There doesn’t seem to be an issue with Edge accepting BTC, ETH, etc. so I don’t see why YWallet supporting Ycash should be a factor.


tl;dr … yes @BostonZcash, I totally agree …

Wallet performance through NU5 and the recent spam attack has been very frustrating and disappointing. I’ve basically quit any outreach or introducing new users to Zcash for the time-being until I can confidently recommend a good mobile wallet. I’ve started diving head-first into the code myself to see if I can contribute to some of the wallets. Digging into the wallet code is good fun for me personally, but I should theoretically be concentrating on free2z.cash milestones. However, I can’t focus on free2z because free2z absolutely depends on at least one super-solid lightwallet to succeed. I will note that I run a couple of zcashd fullnodes and they haven’t given me any trouble.

I’ve been all over different light wallets recently. For a relatively large wallet with about 30 notes and 100+ transactions, not one wallet currently works. ZWL, Nighthawk, YWallet … desktop, mobile … none. Funds are essentially stranded.

As I was drafting this present forum comment, I was planning on writing some high praise for YWallet as a lifesaver:

YWallet is the reigning champion. I have a fairly old wallet with ~30 notes and ~100 transactions and the funds can ONLY be accessed with YWallet. Without YWallet I would have funds stranded and would be sour on Zcash TBH. So, many thanks to @hanh for keeping the dream alive.

BUT, as I was writing this post I went to send some funds on free2z … aaand … Ywallet is not syncing or even attempting to sync it seems. It’s stuck on 1727667 … current block is 1728793. So, about 1,000 blocks behind. Restarting didn’t help. There is no upgrade to get. Internet is strong. The sync indicator goes from “Disconnected” to 1727667 and back with no indication that it’s trying.

ZWL: Desktop crashes frequently, mobile doesn’t sync, crashes
Nighthawk: never worked on my devices. the times I’ve seen it work it’s too slow for my usage patterns
Zingo: still alpha, unreleased, based on same ZWL sync (for now)
YWallet: managed to sync and work a little bit yesterday on android, now it’s not syncing

I’m trying YWallet desktop now … it seems to be trying at least I’ll report back if it works or doesn’t … maybe there is a different public lightwalletd server to try? Seems like the problem must be with the backend at this point?

I plan to do my part to solve some of these problems or contribute to solutions. I plan to run lightwallet infra on free2z subdomain. I’m working on building all of the wallets and making contributions to the code. Here is my current synthetic trunk WIP aka THE ZUU:

Some of my next tasks:

  • run my own lightwalletd on mainnet
  • figure out how to build and work on YWallet
  • make more contributions to zingolib and zingo-mobile

Right now free2z dev work is basically on hold for lack of usable wallets …

Totally agree. I wish that we were in a state where we needed a million-dollar marketing campaign right now. But, the product is not there. I’ve spent several 100 hours working on Zcash UI/UX this year, I run full nodes, I’ve build zcashd and lightwalletd from source, I’ve tried every shielded lightwallet that I’ve heard of. I’ve been a senior software engineer for about 15 years. I built free2z. I joined this forum ~a month after the genesis block in 2016. And even I can’t readily unstrand my funds. I guess I could go read up on zip-32 and figure out how to maybe load my seed phrase into a zcashd (which I run for about $50/month)… We want to bring this technology to the masses but right now it frankly takes an IQ of about 140 to be able to use Zcash at all.

I know centralization is a dirty word around here. But, we should consider the benefits and economy of scale that come with a measure of centralized oversight and direction:

Imagine if downstream dependents (like ZWL) were integrated and upgraded ahead of NU5 …

A metaphor I’ve been playing with is that we are trying to transport many tons of steel across a large ocean; but, instead of building a huge container ship, we’re trying to do it with a bunch of small sailboats. I don’t know if that metaphor is any good yet, still thinking about it. But, consider THE ZUU as an early sketch of what a container ship might look like. Come try it out and help me maintain it ;9

(about 400,000 blocks to go on YWallet sync/rescan on desktop :crossed_fingers: …)


oh, BTW @hanh, I created this issue: Developer documentation · Issue #23 · hhanh00/zwallet · GitHub - I’m going to take another crack at figuring out how to build YWallet myself and write some notes; but, I’ve never tried Dart so there is a bit of a learning curve to climb. You might be able to crush out a quick pass on the docs there and get me going faster if you were so inclined …