YWallet Q&A

We’ll have a Q&A session on the new version of YWallet since there are many changes.

Feb 29th. Discord Event Link

If you have specific questions, it’d be great if you submit them in advance.



Is this 1.5.2?
I can answer my own question. Yes, it is 1.5.2 full change log here, version commit about 12 hours is up on the Play and apple Store, looks very nice.


First impressions are very good, looks really slick


Thank you Hanh. The new UI is a great improvement.

Question 1. Is there any way to speed up sync on device faster than Warp Sync 1 (not considering offloading to a server)?
Question 2. Do you plan to implement Warp Sync 2 into Ywallet?


Yes I seen the update looking forward to hearing about the new app settings.

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I’ve noticed some of the in-wallet transactions have an interesting address format(?). I assume it’s a diversified address, but it doesn’t follow the
Normal address format I suppose?

Diversified addresses follow the same format…

These ones

This is the trailing part of the address. It’s not printed in full in the list because the address is too long.

If you click on a transaction, it will be shown in the details.

PS: We don’t print the leading part, because it can easily be manipulated.

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Maybe prefix with the address type, then the trailing part ? zs1…2633jfhfjf


A friendly reminder that this starts in less than a day:

  • Evening in the Americas,
  • Night in Europe
  • Morning in Asia

Is there a way to generate a new T address in ywallet 1.5.6? I can’t seem to find that

You can generate T-addrs with the Key Tool, but the wallet does not scan them, so funds will not be detected there.

So how do you get the funds to show up?

You sweep them into the shielded addresses

Ah righto, thanks