Distributed messaging system?

I know that other blockchains tout features like distributed messaging and data storage systems. I was wondering if anything similar was possible with Zcash

End-to-end encrypted communication apps seem to be all the rage these days, but having the upper hand of decentralization and all might be cool

see zmsg!
Needs a GUI, though:

Works out of the box on zcash and zclassic

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Oh awesome!

but from the description i'm confused because it seems like message contents are publicly visible and only the recipient is secret:

"Since the messages get stored in the blockchain, they are on every full zcash node. The implication here is that its not possible to tell who the target of any given message is."

the memo field of a transaction between zaddrs is only visible to the
receiver...only they have the private key in their wallet

That's good and what I originally had assumed but then why is the description phrased like that?

I dunno, have to ask whyrusleeping!