Messenger Using Zcash?

Hey guys, ZCash noob and crypto rookie here. I am interested to hear if the Zcash technology could be used for encrypted peer-to-peer messenging. I heard Zooko mention the “love note on the blockchain” but am wondering if near instantaeuous peer-to-peer encrypted messaging is a possible future implementation of the Zcash project.

Hi @ncalco and welcome to the forums.

Yes, it is possible to send encrypted messages with Zcash. You can do it manually by adding information to the Memo field of a Z-transaction or there is a tool built by @whyrusleeping called ZMSG GitHub - whyrusleeping/zmsg: A small program for sending messages via zcash encrypted memo fields

Here is a video of how to use it: Show & Tell: Using Zcash encrypted memo field with zmsg - YouTube

Thanks for the reply. This, to me, seems like a staple technology of the future. A sincere thanks to the Zcash team for securing individual freedom into the 21st century.