Does anyone have a complete Linux guide for Nvidia?

One that shows installation of Linux + Nvidia drivers + EBWF (ebwf is less important, the drivers and having a stable OS is more important)

i had enough of the godamn windows crashing every 12 hours.

Install debian8/9 with X, icewm is nice and lightweight Windows manager.
Download NVIDIA binary drivers and run driver installer. Not very complicated to do.

Here is quite simple install instructions for Debian:

And from here instructions for NVIDIA binary drivers (follow The NVIDIA installer part)…

Mine miners are set similarily like on those guides, but i customised (reduced size and so on deb8 install) and booting nodes from network…

I might write somekind of instructions on howto create network bootable Debian miner and Ubuntu/Debian server setup to support boot from network. If there is intrest or support on that…


I would love to see that.

you have my support :slight_smile:

by the way, how about EthOS ?

Havent tested, Works i think, but not for me, i like to build mine own setups…