DSTM Telemetry settings in ethos

I have a few rigs all using ethos most are AMD mining Ether.

1 is mining Zcash using DSTM. I can not seem to get the telemetry working on DSTM Zcash miner. I have added

flags --telemetry=

in the ethos local.conf. But I cannot connect to it using Awesome miner. Is there something else I should do??

Thanks in Advance.

Just to ask to make sure, are you using the latest version of both?


Yes it is all up to date. Do you use DSTM with ethos and awesome miner for monitoring? If so is it just the telemetry flag you used to get it communicating with Awesome miner.

No I don’t, sorry. I came across a couple of posting where people were having issues and it was because one or both were out of date.