Ebitz ICO & premine

Founder’s Reward is bad, mmmkay? So we’ll do a 100% premine… But it’s ethical - honest!

From https://www.ebitz.org/

Ebitz ICO will commence on November 28, 2016 (1 PM UTC) and end on December 26, 2016 (1 PM UTC), or when we reach the goal of 800 BTC

The total EBZ supply stands at 21 milllion and will be distributed in the following proportions:

95% of the coins will be distributed to early supporters in ICO
procedure to participating users based on their contribution in the
total amount of the raised funds. The sale procedure will be taking
place at ebitz - The Ebitz Goes Straight To Your Head.. In our site we are offering a
SSL encryption and a two-factor authentication security. Due to the
nature of our group and project, an escrow willl not be used for our

5% as premine for development/bounties.

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