ECC Twitter Spaces - 09/19

Hi everyone,

For tomorrow’s twitter space / community update, we’re trying a bit of a different format. We’ll be keeping the event to 30 minutes. We are also asking that community members submit their questions to the team prior to the event.

As mentioned in this twitter thread, please submit questions for tomorrow’s event by dm’ing me on Twitter, or by commenting below.

This isn’t a permanent change, we’re just testing out the format. We don’t have as much time available tomorrow, so we felt that this was a good opportunity to try something new.

Post the event, let me know what you thought’ve it! Super open to feedback and learning how we can improve.


PS. Here’s a link to the spaces. It will also be recorded for those who can’t make it (I made sure of that this time lol).


Hey everyone,

Our next community update is coming up on Monday.

Please see here. If you have any questions for the team, lmk!

Will be recorded.


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Here’s the recording + tl;dr! Thanks everyone.