TwitterSpace: Grant Discussion ~ Arti: a Tor Rust Implementation for Zcash & Beyond

We will be hosting our 2nd Twitter Space alongside the @ZcashGrants and will be joined by members of the Tor(Arti) team on March 2nd at 1pm ET. Set a reminder and come join us in this Community Grant Discussion!

We would also like to crowdsource some questions from the community beforehand so please post in this thread with Qs for the Tor team, and also please include your Twitter handle if you we will be joining the call and would prefer to come up as a speaker to ask your question live.


Hello from the Tor Project! As @decentralistdan says, please drop your questions in this thread. We’re looking forward to the Q&A!


Will arty support ipv6 only configurations?

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We are going live in 2 hours for our TwitterSpace w/ @ZcashGrants & the Tor (Arti) team!

Hope to see some of you there, we still have open speaker slots for folks from the ECC who may want to join, as well as any community members who would like to participate in the discussion.