Electric Coin Company 2019 Q1 Livestream


Is this topic some kind of AMA?


There was an AMA in the livestream; this thread is answering the questions asked on the YouTube chat that we didn’t have time for, or that required longer-form responses.


Got it, when is the next AMA here on the forum? Isn’t it time allready for one? Every 3 months if i remember right, or?

April 5, 2019 - Weekly Update (Community + Comms)

It’s every 6 months. Next one is scheduled for June 14th. You’re welcome to ask questions in the meantime, though. Lots of us hang out in the community chat, for example.


could you explain how a pow/pos hybrid might work? would nodes require both a stake of coins and electricity to participate?


Any form of POS (include POW+POS) implies the network need to “trust” someone (individuals or organizations). I really believe that the “trust” should be eliminated in a point to point electric coin network. The network need “verify”, instead of “trust”. I hope Zcash would be a point to point electric coin, instead of “stake”.


I’m closing this thread since there’s a lot of wide ranging topics in the AMA that are already being discussed in other topics. Please find relevant existing threads or create a new post if there isn’t one, yet.

Thanks for participating!

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