PROG Proof of Work as Potential Solution for ASIC Resistance

I thought I would create a NEW topic for ASIC Resistance to see if ZCash Company and/or ZCash Foundation might be willing to publicly discuss and/or notify the community in regards to PROG PoW being a viable solution for ASIC Resistance.

Here is a link to PROG PoW:

Community member, “cryptomined” provided an excellent video on PROG PoW as a viable solution to ASIC Resistance here:

This should be sufficient enough information to at least get an investigation started to see what ZCashCo and ZCashFo think.

I know the ZCash Foundation has said they will look into putting a group together for ASIC Resistance. If there are any members of this new ZCash Foundation group currently working on the ASIC Resistance issue, it would be appreciated if you would have a look at PROG PoW.

Your time and consideration would be appreciated.

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EDIT: I respectfully request those who contribute to this topic stay on topic with PROG PoW. If you wish to discuss the subject of ASIC Resistance in general, there are several topics for that. Let’s leave this one strictly for PROG PoW please.

Thank you!


Thanks for sharing. I suppose I should click “announcements” more often to check for updates. Thanks for sharing.

So, ZCash Company is busy with OverWinter and Sapling. Understandable… I can respect that.

I would also like to hear from ZCash Foundation. Because they said they were going to put together a group to tackle the ASIC Resistance issue. Am I wrong on this or am I correct?

Here you go

In the short term, we consider it critical to protect the community members who are building the ecosystem with us. If it’s necessary based on our evaluation of the ASICs on the network, we will hire a developer to construct and submit a ZIP to mitigate its effect on the network. If the Zcash core development team and community approves, it will ideally be deployed by late 2018.

and the link so that you can keep yourself informed

The purpose of this topic is to simply try to communicate with ZCash Foundation to determine if they know of PROG PoW. If so, what are their findings if they have arrived to any findings yet. IF they have come to a conclusion, what is it? Things like that. That’s the purpose of this topic. That’s it…