Equihash solver for n,k=48,5 (other than default 200,9)?

I wrote a Zcash Genesis Block Miner/Generator in Python, which uses silentarmy’s sa-solver binary for finding valid Equihash solutions. Everything works well and I could reproduce the Zcash and Zclassic mainnet and testnet Genesis blocks.
But now for the trivial/computationally inexpensive task of mining a valid regtest block, I need an equihash solver that supports other settings of n,k, namely, 48,5. I browsed through the solvers in the open source challenge but none seem to directly offer a solver that I can simply call for n,k=48,5.

Are there any?

When this problem is solved, I’ll release the source code on Github.

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After the Thanksgiving Holiday @voxelot might be able to help you. It’s good to see different approaches to tackle the same problem.

You can try my GitHub - tromp/equihash: multi-parameter Equihash proof-of-work multi-threaded C solvers solver compiled with -DWN=48 -DWK=5 -DRESTBITS=0
You’ll get some errors about not implemented, which should be straightforward to fix with a few extra lines of code grabbing the appropriate bits.

Thank you for implementing the missing bits for the 48,5 version!
[Edit: Compilation works.]

The default miner also supports 48,5 (see the bottom of src/crypto/equihash.h), and should support any parameters (albeit much more slowly than the mining challenge participants, but that shouldn’t matter for regtest-level parameters).

Yes I know – in theory. There’s no API or easy way to use the miner of the zcash node from an external program. You would need to extract all mining/equihash solver code into a standalone application. This is what happened here.

Hi sebstar!
Did you found a solution? I’m looking for a tool to generare my genesis block on regtest. I used successfully your tool for mainnet and testnet, but not for regtest.


Hi Sebstar.
Did you wrote the genesis generator for 48,5?
I need the same.

regtest mining works now with trump. I’ve updated my GenesisZ miner accordingly and made a public release in this forum.