Error encountered following beta guide


I followed the guide here,

When I got to the point of sending my newly mined TAZ to my newly generated private 'zaddress', I encounter a crashed. I was however sending three other amounts to that same zaddress at the same time before waiting for the first to complete, I had others queued.

Now when I try to start zcashd I get this error,

zcashd: wallet/wallet.cpp:605: void CWallet::IncrementNoteWitnesses(const CBlockIndex*, const CBlock*, ZCIncrementalMerkleTree): Assertion `nWitnessCacheSize >= nd->witnesses.size()' failed.

Tried a full restart, same.


You may have run out of memory and then triggered that error.

I just caused a different error / file lock error by forcing zcashd to quit... solveequihash 1 1 wouldn't exit and had crazy CPU usage so I killed the task and now various locks are still in place so zcashd won't start again.


It's a known bug, to be fixed in beta2.
Basically, when things crash, the wallet can end up in a corrupted state.

Sending a Z transaction is a very memory-intense operation. You should stop mining before doing it unless you have RAM to spare.