ERROR main: AcceptToMemoryPool


I’m new to zcash and I’m trying to run a full node in Docker on a Linux box. I believe I have things configured but I’m seeing this error in the logs a lot. I’ve been trying to research possible solutions but haven’t found any yet. I have reindexed multiple times and the chain seems to be up to date.

Any possible solutions or additional resources to help possibly resolve this error?

ERROR main: AcceptToMemoryPool(): shielded requirements not met txid=… reason=bad-txns-sapling-duplicate-nullifier

It happens when you’re sent a transaction which spends funds that have already been spent. As long as they’re not your transactions, and your node is syncing successfully, this shouldn’t be an issue :wink:

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KayabaNerve, thank you for your response. Yep, they aren’t my transactions (I haven’t initiated any as far as I’m aware), and as far as I can tell my node is syncing correctly.