Ethereum Asic Miner

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If they have figured it out, they are insane for releasing it to the General public. Unless they have been running them for a while, it leaked out that they have been doing so and time to make more $$ selling what they have.

Which means they will sell them, make usd 1 million, and within a brief period ETH will have changed the algorithm and made them worthless.

Especially since now ETH is publicly aware of a possible Asic miner, they now have plenty of time to prepare for the algorithm modification.

BTW when this happens this will probably break what ever miner you are using until it is updated

Ethereums roadmap entails %100 PoS in the coming months as well, Byzantium i think maybe

Also I don’t know if it’s with me but that link does not appear to load a page so either it’s false or they realize they’ve made a terrible mistake!

Casper :slight_smile:
well… there is always ethereum classic right? “wink wink”:wink:

(in any case still not a good deal)

It isn’t just you, but if you google ethereum asic miner you see a lot of links and articles. a few of them from sites I might believe