Evga supernova G2 1300 W cable question


I have 1 CPU cable left (8 → 2x 4pin), anything usefull I can do with that? I’m a bit confused by this modular stuff and all the different cables.

Can I use this to power a VGA? Can I use it to power riser? Get a new cable for the same slot and do vga or riser?

anybody ? :slight_smile:

its for cpus, its only for cpus, it will always be for cpus.

that’s an ignorant answer.
It’s just a 12V connector, and can be adapted to whatever your needs are using 12V

Was a bit surprised by his response.

Can I use to power lets say 2 riser? Or isent 12v enough for that

Well good luck! let us know when you file an insurance claim!

Oh? What exactly do you mean? What insurance? Health insurance? I went to the dentist last week for a cleaning. Is that what you’d like to hear about?

Or do you have a reason to think using a +12V net, from the supply capable of supplying some specified current, to power something drawing less than that current, though wires that are rated for that current, through connectors that are rated for that current, is somehow unsafe?

Are you saying you have one slot on the PSU unused? If yes, what is it labeled for?

Then the next question is how much wattage are you using? if you are using 1150w +, I would suggest leaving it alone, especially if everything is stable.

Yes I have one slot labeled “CPU 2” left that Im not using, the cable for that slow is a 8 pin → 2x 4pin)

Using maybe 1000w.