Exodus to ZecWallet?

I sent zcash from Exodus to ZecWallet “t” address.
It was sent successfully from Exodus but it’s not showing anything yet on the ZecWallet with 12 confirmations on ZCHAIN.
Do I have to wait until all confirmations are done for it to show on the ZecWallet or did I do anything wrong or missed a step?
How many confirmations is needed?

First question with the ZEC wallet is allways: Is it allready fully synced? I guess we are talking about the Zcash QT wallet here, right?

On the exodus wallet there isn’t really anything you can mess up. Let us first know if it’s the ZEC qt wallet we are talking about and if it’s fully synced.

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ZecWallet v0.6.2
It has been syncing for 6 hours and right now 64.67%.
My laptop is 8 GB memory.
Another person mentioned to get help use -par and dbcahe, I’m not sure how to do it.
The wallet show on help:
Check github

Any advice?

That sync progress seems reasonable. Best case is around 8 hours and that can change dramatically based on hardware and/or bandwidth. I’d probably just let it run.

As for those options you need to run zcashd --help and you can enable them by adding the line to your zcash.conf or starting with that option i.e. zcashd -dbcache=450 (it’s the same as bitcoind)

       Set the number of script verification threads (-4 to 16, 0 = auto, <0 =
       leave that many cores free, default: 0)
       Set database cache size in megabytes (4 to 16384, default: 450)

Edit: replied before I saw this answer here: Zec qt wallet - pls help! - #19 by ChileBob

I’m not sure how to do it.

Right now I tried to increase the virtual memory of windows 10.
I’m not sure it will help or just mess up my system.

Any advice?

My advise would be to have patience and wait for the sync to finish :slight_smile:

I understand that you are eager to use the shielded addresses (rightfully so!) but unfortunately syncing the blockchain is a long process and highly dependent of hardware.

If it makes you feel a bit better, it took me a month to sync the Bitcoin Core blockchain using Tor…

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Ok, patience, that I can do.

Can you recommend any certain hardware (or laptop preferably) that I buy?
Any specifications that I should look for?
Is it the RAM?

What other privacy wallets I can use better if I purchased the right hardware and what hardware is best to use for this zcash wallet?

It took me 12 hours but
it is working really fast now after it got synced. Everything from Exodus to ZecWallet t address and within the ZecWallet t to z, it is fast.
My question now, if I turn my computer off, will it take me really long again to get connected?

No, it doesn’t, but it’s again up on how long you don’t start the wallet again.

For example:

if you start the wallet daily it will mostly take just some seconds - to a few minutes to resync the time you have been offline as you sync only the time/blocks that are missing until the date you went offline and now are online again.

if you start it again let’s say 1 or 2 months later it will take of course longer as you have to sync now again 1-2 months missing blocks that are added meanwhile to the blockchain.

Got it. Thank you very much!

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