Expanding ZCAP

So, the final response from ECC to our invitation to work with ZF on expanding ZCAP using the two new criteria (organizations and individuals who have made a meaningful contribution to the success of Zcash, or whose membership of ZCAP would make it more independent and representative of the Zcash community) can be summarized as “No”.

This is obviously disappointing.

However, ZF will continue to fulfil our responsibilities under ZIP 1014 (“The ZF SHALL continue to operate the Community Advisory Panel and SHOULD work toward making it more representative and independent…”).

To that end, the following nominees (all from the Zcash Community group on Telegram) will be added to ZCAP:

Additionally, James Joseph will be removed from ZCAP.

Once we have reviewed the new applicants and nominations from existing members and carried out the necessary admin (e.g. confirming email addresses, etc.) we will update the list of ZCAP members on our website.


We have published the updated list of ZCAP members.