Extracting keys from wallet.dat?

Is there a way to extract all keys from wallet.dat without using zcashd/zcash-cli?

Its starting to look like I have an ‘unsyncable node’ thanks to the spam, asking for a friend :wink:


You don’t need to be fully synced to use the cli afaik.

Hi! If we are talking about a full node, in which, as we know, wallet.dat is stored unencrypted, then yes, I think this is possible.

Try it: Recovering Funds From Wallet.dat - #15 by Autotunafish

You don’t need to do this unless your wallet file is corrupted.

I seems that this command do it:
db_dump (description - https://www.mankier.com/1/db_dump ) - allows you to decompile wallet.dat

I remember getting a plain text file this way.

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You get a text file with a dump of the btree: A bunch of hex strings.

Besides, I don’t know why go through this trouble when the node responds to z_exportkey, etc. while synchronizing.

The node will respond while syncing, but not if something went wrong and its ‘rescanning’.

It does not respond to every command but export key should work.