I need your help - Help me recover my permanently deleted Zcash wallet


I deleted a wallet accidentally without saving a form that had an encrypted z address with Zcash in it. I used EaseUS Data recovery to get a form of the wallet back that is accepted by the daemon by some extent.

This is the message it gives me:

Messages:age: Loading wallet…

Warning: Warning: error reading wallet.dat! All keys read correctly, but transaction data or address book entries might be missing or incorrect.
My question to you is - can you recover the private keys from this wallet.dat file as they are being ready correctly and I can import them into a new wallet? (This would work with the z address I hope)

Secondly, is there a way to fix this wallet? Some program I can use?

Please help me with programs and methods to help with recovering the private keys of this wallet or recover the wallet itself.

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The Daemon did rescan the wallet and I can use it with the command line.

I tried the verifyaddress command.

“isvalid”: true,
“address”: “txxx”,
“scriptPubKey”: “xyz”,
“ismine”: false,
“iswatchonly”: false,
“isscript”: false

The daemon said the addresses might not show up but the private keys are there. Can someone help me export the private keys out of this wallet.dat file please?

A password is required but I know this file has no password set so that is causing problems - can you help me?

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Was that the only wallet.dat recovered by the program? Did the recovered file still have meaningful creation and modification dates? Also, what OS are you using? One last thing, I wasn’t aware that password protection could be applied to Zcash wallets.

There were 3 wallets recovered by the program - one wallet.dat with meaningful creation and modification dates (112.0 kb) and 2 wallet.dat.2017-12-xx-xx-xx which were recovered as “other lost files” and all these files fall within the date (about 16 hours) of when I made the z address transaction from my t address and they are all made in/are from the Windows OS. (Walletpassphrase and walletlock on the zcash-cli are the commands for passwords).

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I believe I found the true lost wallet.dat file that was not in the wallet.dat.2017-12-xx-xx-xx form. When I use zcashd it says Messages: Age: -Error: 17.

So, I think I’ve got somewhere.

Where can I go now? What do you think?

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Use the z_exportwallet command as described here, then stop zcashd, switch to the new wallet, and use z_importwallet to reimport those keys. Good luck.