FAQ around grant ideas

My questions to the community:


Zcash hardware wallet support

I would love to get vantage here of what exactly needs to be done. From the last response on this thread: Zcash Ledger sapling support - response from CTO - #12 by daira, I see a dependency on ZIP 305 which is still open. If the community can help me connect the dots, I would love to take on this challenge.

Ongoing Services:

A “service status dashboard” site that monitors the status of the dozens of Zcash-related online services (e.g., those listed in this section, the network monitoring and anomaly detection suggestions listed above, as well as exchanges, software download sites, etc.), so that systemic problems can be identified at a glance. The monitoring website can check that the services are responding to web requests, as well as heuristically check that they are synchronized (e.g., blockchain height is correct and underlying zcashd is a recent version) and sensible (e.g., transaction volume and spot price are not zero)

Can the community answer the questions on the spreadsheet here? I have tried to make an exhaustive list to understand a macro overview of the kind of healthcheck service that can be made.


Integrate the best CPU miner from the Zcash Open Source Miner Challenge into zcashd, designed to run continuously in the background, solo-mining as a contribution to the decentralized network instead of as a business

  • How do I decide which is the best one? Can I decide which is the best one?
  • Also if there would be somebody who could elaborate on this prompts, it would be really helpful.

Core & Security:

Continued support for alternative implementations (such as Parity Zcash)

As I was going through the video, they ask for contributors help: Zero Knowledge Summit #3 - Part 4 - YouTube

Can the community tell us what kind of help do they want? I can’t seem to find a roadmap ( Is there a roadmap or task list? · Issue #13 · paritytech/parity-zcash · GitHub) and where do they need help and hence what can be proposed here?

Layer 2:

BOLT development and Lightning Network integration for Zcash

  • I see that BOLT team is working on this. Is there any specific asks from the grant proposer? What can be proposed here that can help the BOLT team accelerate?
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