Faucet Appears to Be Down

https://faucet.testnet.z.cash/ appears to be down.

Getting a Cloudfare 522 Error Message

Is this down as part of the activities surrounding Zcash 5.0.0 or just down?
When it is restored will it be able to drip to UA addresses?

I did post yesterday (and earlier this AM) on #tech-support over at Discord but I’m unsure if that channel is monitored.



I don’t know the answer as to why, but I’d invite you to use https://faucet.zecpages.com/ , maintained by a handsome and dedicated community volunteer (me) . It supports unified addresses.

Let me know here or DM me on twitter if you have any issues. twitter.com/michaelharms70


You forgot to mention “and modest” @BrunchTime !

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Thanks HANDSOME and may I add benevolent @BrunchTime! – very much appreciated.

BTW, site dripped to t but haven’t seen the drip to UA yet.


Thanks for the report and we are aware the faucet is down. It uses a stack that is in need of some TLC, so updates are fairly non trivial for reasons outside of zcash. Hope to provide updates soon, otherwise please use the other mentioned faucets or ping this thread for some TAZ. Always happy to help.


Thanks for using & for letting me know! For curious parties & fellow travellers, this new, prudent param was what was blocking me (faucet funds are in Sapling):

"message": "Sending from the Sapling shielded pool to the Orchard shielded pool is not enabled by default because it will publicly reveal the transaction amount. THIS MAY AFFECT YOUR PRIVACY. Resubmit with the `privacyPolicy` parameter set to `AllowRevealedAmounts` or weaker if you wish to allow this transaction to proceed anyway."

I think Orchard / UA are good to go now that I added this parameter!


We’ve now fixed the 522 cloudflare error on https://faucet.testnet.z.cash/ but have not yet made updates to the functionality of the app (I think we are considering an overhaul, possibly switching to a completely different faucet implementation, to address that in the longer term).

p.s. Although the page is up, the faucet’s associated zcash node needs some time to sync to current height.