Testnet faucet ..?

Are there any working test faucets?

Both z.cash and zecpages faucets are down.


I was able to use the zecpages faucet just now, so it looks like that’s back up.


I tapped to a sapling address on https://faucet.zecpages.com just now and it looks fine to me… What address type did you try?

EDIT: Noticed transparent was borked because I had the privacyPolicy set to “AllowRevealedAmounts” rather than the looser “AllowRevealedRecipients” they require. Fixed now. Also I noticed sometimes UA sends were hitting the nginx timeout limit (they would still send, but the UI would sit like a dead fish). I’ve extended the timeout limit :slight_smile:


I just went to the link above and the faucet is down. Just an nginx welcome page.

I don’t know what happened to zecpages but the testnet faucet is something any welcoming crypto project should have.

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I totally agree! It’s up again at https://faucet.zecpages.com

Thanks for bumping!

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That’s great news.

I thought It might have been shut down.

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Down again :pensive:

You’re just clicking the above link? It works for me. Tbh I didn’t even see it down Monday, I just went and reset nginx rq

Edit: Now I keep coming back to this thread in a paranoid cold sweat to test the link :laughing:

port 80 points to the nginx default, 8080 goes to the faucet

The link in this thread is http

This works:

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Ahhhh there it is. That makes some sense. Thanks Cody. I think my Brave browser is auto-preferring https, so the older links worked for me, but maybe not everyone.