FBI Interested Tracking Privacy Coins, namely Zcash


just after I got into zcash (about 18 months or so ago) I remember when I was checking on how the zk especially the z does its maths.

I saw an article, I did not read it all, it looked iike it was prerelease but it was titled “Zcash workshop, how the zcash developers are helping govts fight criminals” or similar. It was about a de anonamising process.

obviously I cant find it for the life of me now. im not sure but I think either Nathan or daira posted it (don’t know if they wrote it).

anyone still have a copy?

edit: it was a special talk to law enforcement I think.


You’re probably thinking of Zookos talk to the Blockchain Alliance, and it had nothing to do with a “de-anonamize process” because there is no such thing.

The talk:
Presentation to Blockchain Alliance