Deprecation of T-Addresses

Zcash wants (so so badly) to strive for privacy:

It’s so far failed at that:

I don’t think I counted a single Z address listed here in the comments.

Let’s use this thread to brainstorm on a path for T-addr deprecation.


Even with t-adds, Zcash still has the largest anon set of any cryptocurrency. So please, explain to me how Zcash has failed to “strive for privacy.”

Hint: you can’t.


Literally what does that even mean if no one is using shielded transactions/storing funds in the shielded pool?

My car has the most secure alarm, but I always leave the windows down and the doors unlocked!

  1. Figure out a reasonable time to migrate to z-addrs. I say two years is indeed reasonable. If started today I would say December 18th 2025.

  2. Make sure nobody can escape the notification (main page of, wallets, etc).

  3. Execute.

Keep moving with confidence. We’ll always have people complaining, it’s part of making history.

“no one is using shielded transactions/storing funds in the shielded pool”

Just because you say it doesn’t make it true. Currently ~9% of ZEC is shielded, which IMO is not too bad considering there is no HW wallet support.


I tell you why: neither Trezor or Ledger are supporting shielded wallets. Simple as that. We are making ourselves dependent on whatever those two companies decide to support. It doesn’t have to be that way, as discussed in the Android Hardened Wallets thread.