Finally, first Radeon Vega is available for preorder. It is not cheap though

AMD Radeon Vega Frontier for 1,199 USD! What do you think?

Vega cards are listed at Sabre PC: the air-cooled version and liquid version of Vega Frontier. Both are listed with the exact same specifications. The new part is 13.1 TFLOPs FP32 compute performance. In other words, Vega Frontier has GPU clock of 1600 MHz.

Both cards are equipped with 16GB HBM2 memory and Vega 10 GPU with 4096 Stream Processors.

how many sols can we mine with it?

let me know what you think and if you would buy this card.
We are all waiting for first results on this cards.

Who goes first?

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Underwhelming for Zcash. Almost definitely a bad buy for mining.

why do you think that?

I just don't think it will give significantly more Sol/s than the 1080 ti cards at $680-800 per card.

Vega is starting at $1,100 for air cooled. To get the water-cooled version it's $1,700. An extra $600 just for water cooling? Nope.

It seems like a first-adopter premium price to me. I just don't think these cards will get ~1100 Sol/s that it would take to match the 1080 ti cards Sol/$. You can also bet that these are going to take some serious wattage to run.

prices are crazy indeed, early / first adaptor prices i guess also. although i can imagine that people will jump on these cards to test them out after such a long wait. time will tell. also if you fuck up one of these cards it's serious money.

note though that this is the frontier edition, not the one that's coming for gamers, which is the one that also miners are waiting for, which i guess should be (a lot?) cheaper.

iirc the frontier version of the cards was the one more company orientated of that chip.

You're getting 1100 sol/s out of each of your 1080 ti cards? Damn that's like 60% faster than I am

what brand of gtx 1080 ti do u have and OC settings

I'd like to know some good 1080 ti settings for OC as well :slight_smile:

the frontier edition isn't really ment for gaming and other render tasks it's more for like science stuff.
In this video you will get to know more info about it:

Nope, I'm getting an average of 740...

This is for the Professional card (quite reasonbly priced compared to Nvidia Quadro).

Consumer Vega is end of July.