Rx Vega will Launch August 12th

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Exciting news for us waiting long for Vega.

Was about to order a 1080 ti rig, but will hang tight for this one.

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Yap :smiley: But - proper drivers/miners will not be ready before end of month -Electricity, what they need is 2x8pins, more than 200w…
So not sure about them for mining but cant wait to test them on my gaming machine…

There’s rumours about each Vega doing almost 100 Mh/s on Ethereum, but I call bullshit. However I think 50 Mh/s might be possible and would be incredible.

Any word on the launch of these?

Just checked my wholesale source. They are now listed (previously not) but they don’t have an ETA yet. My wholesale price is already above MSRP. :frowning:

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That one is frontier. Rx vega for gamers was supposely launched yesterday. Should be way better for mining

its around 35mn/s :frowning:
Recommended prices are not correct (+100usd even more)… Only good thing AMD is making mining drivers for RX…
Vega so far only for gaming or if you really have cheap electricity…

benchmarks shows almost no difference in performance. Frontier cost only 600$ more