Flypool have some payout problems?

looks like that pool has some problems with payout processing … many payouts after todays noon are delayed. Do you have same problems ?

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Yes, I’m having problems too.

I first noticed it after 11:00 UTC. A payment of 0.05 ZEC at 10:48 went into pending, then I got credited back, with an extra 0.15 ZEC added, that went into a new transaction at 11:32 UTC, for 0.21 which was stuck in pending for ages, and has now been credited back and a new payment of 0.22 created at 12:34 UTC, which is still pending at 13:05 UTC.

I’ve raised 2 tickets so far.

So, now I got payment from 12:48…may be that next payments will work fine

My 12:34 UTC payment is still pending at 13:39 UTC

1415 UTC. Now my 12:34 UTC payment has been reversed out into my unpaid balance.

Ah. They’ve tweeted that they’re having a problem

“Zcash pool payouts are currently delayed because of performance issues of our node. We are working on the issue and will resume normal payouts as soon as possible.”

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I have the first payment left without confirmation, the second on the pool is confirmed but in the crook did not come ZEC

for me works all fine today :slight_smile: