Problem with Flypool Payout

I’ve had 16 Sol/s running since the start and have received zero payouts. My address has received nothing:

./nheqminer -l -u zc98u1QHuSRcJ8zZCzbPubXvBc6XWJoevktpdqTS74Fk6qEjKaahk9iQmLANnd6QHBFnrA4Y3QZNhvHP2CJHpA8taTEveBo.rig1

./src/zcash-cli z_listreceivedbyaddress “zc98u1QHuSRcJ8zZCzbPubXvBc6XWJoevktpdqTS74Fk6qEjKaahk9iQmLANnd6QHBFnrA4Y3QZNhvHP2CJHpA8taTEveBo”
] (empty)

Just stopped mining until I can make sure I’m not being scammed.

Bad luck or a bad pool? I have a log of the mining ops.

Has the unpaid balance been accumulating? It may not have reached the payout threshold yet.

Whats wrong whit you people? On flypool on the top of the page there is a frikin Big Red Banner that sais:

“Because of a critical Zcash wallet bug (See: #1705) we are unable to send any payments to z addresses at the moment. Please only use t addresses for now. We will resume payments to z addresses once the Zcash wallet bug has been resolved!”


LOL… had a nice chuckle…

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Great. Resumed mining with a t_addr.

I expect that my p_addr will still receive the amount earned once that bug is fixed.

I’ve been away from my computer all day, then went to check balances and went directly here. Be more kind. Thanks

flypool is an anonymous pool, no accounts so no way to check if it has or not.

Actually you can paste your t-address into the field in the top right corner and click check status. It will then give you a nice summary of mining/earnings for your t-address.

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Oh, thanks! This is super helpful.

i am having the same problem. no payout yet

You’re right, I am apologize.
But you should be more kind too. Your first reaction was to come here and false accuse the pool, but in reality you were just too lazy to look up whats happening.

True, and I apologize for that. A contributing factor of me not seeing it was due to how small the text is with a red background and not bolded. I just didn’t catch it when I looked at the page - went down to blocks to make sure they were indeed finding blocks.

Does anyone have any ideas on when payments might resume?

Can someone please clarify what happened to 1 of my payments?
Tx 0b52f9b4e0707cc3857f