Flypool over 70% of total hashrate

I am almost certain we can provide lower latency. Have you checked our global nodes?

Regarding your other comment: you are wrong. Just like my hosting business has always put customers first, so do we put customers first with our pool. And having more than 30/40% of global hashrate harms everyone.

For me, my businesses are less about making money than about helping people and the planet. Hence why I have paid to make our hosting business and our pool climate positive. I have offset all our carbon emissions as well as the entire production and transportation emissions of all parts we are buying. I go above and beyond to help people and the planet. That is who I am.

You might like my latest venture:

Being registered as a non-profit to help save the planet. Money is not everything. For me, doing the right thing and feeling good about it is far more important.

I’m not saying you’re not a good person or admirable for the things you decide to do in life to help others and the environment. Helping others is great. Lots of people love helping other people and doing their part to make the environment better.

What I’m expressing is that you’ve been a little too vocal trying to get people to your pool by decrying the need for decentralization of the network away from Flypool. It should come from someone else rather than the person that will directly profit from that change (you). If you would have listed other competing pools saying, “use mine or use these others but please move away from Flypool” that would have been credible. You didn’t do that.

As others have said, lower your fee or make it free for a few months to get your hashrate up.

I really do not care where people switch to. And with our current fee structure we barely cover our costs. We are not making profits.

You’ve just started out so of course you’re hashrate is small. You’re trying to get larger, and that’s why you’ve been vocal on here, which is fine. I hope your pool is successful and leads to more decentralization. I’m only against anyone trying to scare people into switching to their pool by stoking 51% attack fears. Fear mongering. Please don’t do that.

Miners like me dont care, individually have no affect on the network, i tried it to see its profitability and its a great pool, shorter ping than flypool, just as good of features, just lacking computational power at the moment, i dont know if many super miners even troll here, probably too busy on the exchanges, or maintaining their giant rigs, top miner on guru is mid 800s khs, anyone running more?
Edit - we care about the Network Health but since where we mine really doesn’t matter to the overall hashrate, we don’t care where we mine as long as it’s profitable, if I was pumping 1+ mhs then I would, other people idk
2xedit- just to be clear, id need 750 mining rigs like the one ive got for 1 mhs, id spend all my time checking temps and caculating electricity usage

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As to Roots’ point, yes network dominance is potentially dangerous but shouldn’t be a selling point although it is good to know these things, the back and forth-edness of such is the stability, it’ll turn, your pools young and good enough that it should sell itself; if you build it, they will come

Guys, I never intended this thread to be about my pool. That just happened to come up. I have another threat about my pool and I am happy with the progress.

My intention here was to highlight an issue that I still believe needs creative addressing.