Not achieving what I thought, even with correct hashrate

Hi all,

New to cryptocurrencies and just taken up mining ZEC. I’m using Nanopool and its calculator (as well as other calculators) are predicting that I’ll earn around 0.005 ZEC/day, based on a 6 hour average of 200sol/s.

Thing is though, it’s been running with that hash rate for a solid 2 days and has only earned 0.0017 ZEC. What’s wrong?!


difficulty fly up over 4.5million yesterday… from 3 million something…
that’s the reason why…

you should aware of electricity cost and mining pool and dev fee cost…

Also remember if no blocks are found you do not get any ZEC it’s all a luck game that’s why I left supernova and went to flypool more consistent blocks are being found so likelihood is better to get ZEC

Care to explain that a bit more? Lost me there, didn’t realise luck came into it.

Lets say a pool is lucky by that it might mean that every few minutes a block is found by that pool. But the opposite is also true a pool might be unlucky and might only find a block every 2 or 3 hours meaning you might only het a share every few hours on blocks found. Just because you are in a pool does not mean you will get a block every 2-3 minutes it all depends whether or not they actually solve a block and the pools with higher hashing power is more likely to solve the blocks first

Ah right, that makes more sense. Flypool definitely better then, I’m tempted to write off what I’ve done so far on the nanopool as I’m about a week off the minimum payout the way it’s going. Nanopool got about 1/8 the blocks flypool got in the last hour.

One more thing… I’ve just had a crack at mining on flypool; the site reports a slower hash than Claymore - any reason why?